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PMA's Story

PCBC Old Church Photo.jpg

Pine Mountain Academy and Preschool are a product of much prayer, request from our community for a positive alternative for education and a desire for a Christian based curriculum. There is a rich heritage of education here at Pine Mountain Academy. Pine Mountain School was a public Caldwell County school here on the property until 1932. The Pine Mountain School was in a one room building filled with students from the community. Sunday’s the school was used for worship by the community, forming Poovey’s Chapel Baptist Church in 1932. The last 90 years the Church has been very involved in the community and county. In 2022, Poovey’s Chapel Baptist Church voted to take a step of faith to begin Pine Mountain Preschool and Pine Mountain Academy. Fall 2023 will begin a new journey of Christian education and ministry to help prepare this generation to enter the world with a foundation of faith and a promising future.

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