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Mrs. Teresa Hartley

Hello, My name is Teresa Hartley. I am married to Scott Hartley. We have one adult daughter “Mackenzie”. We have a shared love for serving God and others. We are members of Union Grove Baptist Church.


I am very humbled and honored to be given the opportunity to serve the Lord in such an incredible manner. To be entrusted to educate your children and grandchildren with a Christian-based curriculum in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment is an answer to a lot of prayers. I believe this opportunity is a personal gift from God.


I am a retired Principal from the Caldwell County School System. I have over 36+ years as an Administrator and classroom teacher.

I serve in various positions at my home church. I have over 24+ years experience in various teaching and leadership roles at Union Grove Baptist Church.


I want to thank God for this opportunity to serve “HIM” and Pine Mountain Academy.



Teresa C.Hartley

Secretary: Mrs. Lana Barlow

Preschool 2.5-3 Year olds


Third-Fifth Grade

Mrs. Barbara Holman

Ms. Shaley Mask

Preschool 4-5 Year olds

Mrs. Cindy Price

Mrs. Kristi Ramsey

Mrs. Melissa South

First & Second Grade

Ms. Lauren Quigley

Mrs. Donna Hart

Sixth-Eighth Grade

Mr. Neil Ramsey

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